Cover reveal day!


Today is an incredibly exciting day for me. I have held this cover, nestled between my fingertips, busting to release it into the world. 

Fractures was an emotional journey for me. Trinity was the first character in the Running on Empty series to enter my mind, but she was too raw and broken to write yet. 

I couldn't justify rushing her story as she simply wasn't ready yet. Until now. 

Theo was equally enthralling and his past motivated me to make sure that every aspect was nurtured and respected. He is my quiet lion. 

Trinity and Theo both have difficult pasts to overcome. Their connection is what drives them to eventually see how important they each are to each other. 

They will frustrate you.

They will make you laugh with glee.  

But most of all, your heart will flutter with excitement from the beauty that is them. 

I hope you enjoy their story as much as I have writing it. 

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Love, M x